Percussionist's Help Needed!

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Okay, today at band training camp a girl that I had just barely met had lent me her marimba mallets. Don’t ask how, but I broke one. It split in two :o The crack is kind of oblique across the mallet, about an inch across. So I was wondering if anybody knew how to repair them, IF they CAN be repaired. I came to an agreement with the girl that if I could repair it REASONABLY, then I woudlnt have to pay for a new pair ($50!). Any Advice? :-[

(Jesse) #2

I’ll email my percussionist friend and ask him.

EDIT: He said that you can just use masking tape or some other strong kind of tape. Hope this helped!

(~ZB~) #3

Thanks, but I think she wants it to be neater than tape.

Sorry People! I meant to post this in the unrelated discussion section but I guess I had a brain freeze :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry!


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Is it wood? I don’t play percussion but what material is it?

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Maybe tell her the truth and pay for the damage. Oh, please move the topic. :wink:

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I am a percussionist myself, but I haven’t played the Marimba or Xylophone so hard that the mallets split. You cant really do anything about it, except purchase new ones. good luck, my friend.

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She does know about it.

They are wood.

And It was a non-playing related acident.

Gorilla Glue maybe? Im going to try it. How much worse can be done to it I suppose :-\

I moved the topic! did I do it right?

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Yes, it worked. Good luck to you!


Hmmm… Mighty Mend-it?

(Mark) #11

Wood Glue can do the trick.


ok i get to put my 2 cents in
me being "drumin"python i have to say just get her some new ones
either that or break her other one and then tape em together so they play the same ;D

(~ZB~) #13

I tried wood glue earlier, did’nt work :stuck_out_tongue: didnt keep it together.

Gorilla Glue kept it together but not so straightly.

Ugh, I just gave in and bought them online.
:smiley: Brightside! They were half the price she said they were :wink:

Haha, I guess you could say I don’t have the best first impressions.


Half the price for a pair, or for 1? Haha she was probably trying to cheat you of your money :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, how exactly did you break them?

(~ZB~) #15

Well, the pit and i were really get into the groove we were playing, and going pretty fast and hitting hard for more sound. The second band director was behind us and told us to stop. Everyone stoped playing and looked back, I was still about to hit a note and turned at the wrong moment and hit the shaft of the mallet on a bar.

I think I was more upset about it than her.

So the other one was fixed pretty well, but I bought the new ones just in case, and she seems pretty glad about that. And I think we are kinda friends now. I went to lunch with her, her boyfriend (plays tenors), another mallet player (she of which is so awesome!), my old pal (base), and my other old pal (also base) and we had some fun and laughs :slight_smile: So im glad that worked out well.

No, it was half the price for both. Either she got ripped off, or she was trying to rip me off. But I don’t think she would do that.