Peace out....

(J. Lev) #1

June 29 - August 3

See you in five and a half weeks from Monday. I made this thread now so if anyone wants to share any thoughts, comments, fun facts, death threats, etc, they can do so now.


I’m going to get a sock and fill it with 4 sticks of butter and freeze it for 10 years and hit you with it while you are sleeping!

Have Fun! ;D


Did you take your meds this morning?

(J. Lev) #4

Oh… that’s safe.


I’m gonna sneak into your house, take your yo-yo’s and camera stuff and run away with them. Then I’ll make a bunch of videos in High Quality!


~Spin On! :smiley:

(Shisaki) #6

I’m gonna eat you O.o

(J. Lev) #7

Packed yoyos today… DV888 and X-ConVict.