PayPal Question..

(WhyLovedEda?) #1

Can i use ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Instead Of Credit Card?.

I Wish It Is!
So That I Can Buy Here! :slight_smile:


I think not,

but you could also use a debit/bank card

its like a mixed credit card and ATM but you need to add funds to it first before buying anything,

try asking your local bank for more info


I’m not sure if you can but I know that using a credit or debit card works very well and much easier.

(JonasK) #4

I think PayPal has accounts for people for 13 and up now. This is of course controlled by the parents to a certain point. I think it will be the closest thing to a wallet you can have without having an actualy wallet. PayPal is really on to something here. Giving teenagers online spending power, with parental control. Much easier than sending cash or using your parents’ credit card.