Paintball: What's the top shiz these days?


Back about 12 or so years ago I played a little paintball and I remember my friend getting an Angel which was like $1,000 and thinking it was just sick. I’m just curious what is some really cool or most wanted stuff these days. What are the good balls, markers, etc. regardless of price.

(Troy(oyo) #2

The best markers for speedball play are gonna be the dye matrix(~1000) and the eclipse ego(~1500). As for hopper, Halo B(~100) is the best. Paintballs, best are definitely marballizer (~65 a case).


Hmm… That’s some new lingo for me. What is Speedplay? The best hopper is $100? What’s special about it? Just wondering.


I do not like speed ball, its paintball in a small area. I got shot in the nuts, Its just like 12 on 12 in a 100X30 room

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

It’s usually like electric so you get the paint all in there at any angle (waste of money) and Speedball is a COD simulation pretty much, normal paint ball is more realistic.

(Troy(oyo) #6

Speedball is fast play. Lots of running and diving and moving around a smaller course. The other form is woodsball which is played in…you guessed it, Woods. The Halo B is special because it can feed at around 30 bps. (balls per second) meaning you will never chop a ball due to the hopper. Most guns cap out at around 20-25 if you have them set up for tournament play. but alot of guns stock dont go much over 17. The Halo is not a “waste of money” if you have a gun that shoots faster than something you buy at walmart.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

Well, IMO its unnecessary, I shouldn’t say a waste, I mean I buy 100 yoyos. I feel like its not a necessity.

(yoyo jake) #8

for woodsball heres what i like;
tippman x7 or a5
cyclon or halo hopper
monsterballs (i love these)
6 pods (paintball holders)
tac vest
a co cord thing that runs from the gun to the co tank
and a paint ball pistol


Woodsball is what I want to do…

What would be a good set- up for about $400- 500?

Where are some good places to buy online and what forums are good?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

I remember my Angel.
If you’re looking for a good place for buy a marker, look around your local businesses.

(Troy(oyo) #11

The best woodsball setup for the cheap is: Tippmann 98 or a-5 both are extremely great guns. I have played both alot and they are the timex of guns, takes a licking keeps on ticking. Get a compressed air tank. Its cleaner for your gun, aluminum is cheaper but fiberglass tanks are pretty nice. A drop foreward. This allows you to use the tank as a sort of stock instead of buying a stock. I used a stock on my a-5 for a long time and it just gets too bulky. Get some sort of 14-15 inch barrel. Try smart parts, redz, or dye for parts like that, they are amazing. Other than that. Honestly its up to your imagination. some people like upgraded hoppers, but for woodsball its not necessary because of how the game is set up.

(yoyo jake) #12

smart part guns can be cheap (i saw one for 180 in a magazine) and u can customize them in many different ways but if your going to get a tippman get a flat line baarrel for it