one of the reasons i started yoyoing (apart form it being awesome) was that is is a semi-replacement for rollerblading! (yes i one of those silly people you see grinding down rails and jumping all over the place lol) as i don’t have much time on my hands with university and work etc so yoyoing seem perfect i can chill for 15mins with my yoyo instead off spending hours goin to the skatepark etc! anyway… i was under the impression that this was a safe sport. (unlike rollerblading which left me with 2 metal plates and 13 screws in my arm) but i was wrong turns out yoyoing hurts…

see! i was going to do a trapeze but unbeknown to be a must have done a weird bind or something and got a knot! it stop halfway down the string ad went into my head! lol OWCH!!!
just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? or any other yoyoing related injuries?

(JonasK) #2

I can inform you that this has happened to a LOT of people. I think it might be the most common yoyo injury. I have had one, not as bad as yours though. And my friend had one. And i think a lot of people on this forum has experience with it. and it’s better to get a skipole in your eye (like my brother did).


lol! yeah! it hurt like crazy! now im always edgy when goin to do a trapeze etc!


Yeah, got to be careful. Believe it or not, yoyos are dangerous. Besides yoyos hitting you in the face, be careful of flying rabies and unicorns. Some crazy stuff that we yoyoers face daily.


HAHAHA!!! yeah those unicorns are a nuisance! lol

(Mark) #6

I think it actually happened to Andre himself at one point. Here is the forum post with it.


Sorry for Cross-posting!

(JonasK) #7

Yup, those unicorns can be a real plauge sometimes. Luckily we don’t have rabies in Norway (if you meant rabbits Samad, don’t edit your post). But to get serious with you oltizzle. You should not be edgy when you do your sidestyle throws.


HAHA, GREAT find! I read every word! I forgive you for crossposting.

(Mark) #9

Thanks! I also think this Interview is great!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #10

I got hit before. I was showing off my 888 too my friend. It was in my pocket. I was leaving from his house and he was going to my house. Finally, we got to my house i pull out my 888 and go WATCHA’! I throw a breakaway and RIGHT back up hit my in the for head. My friend was laughing so hard. I was holding my head and i had a bruise but coulden’t see it from my hair.

He laughs alot just like when i slipped on ice and fell on my back and got the wind knocked out of me!

I’m going off topic. If you want to hear about me falling here it goes.

So we wen’t to a store and i had my Dark Magic. (when i started yo-yoing) And again i was like WATCHA’! I did all my noobish tricks and we got some stuff and left. His Dad told us to watch out for ice. I did not pay attention and ran! I slipped on ice and fell and hit my back. it was like looking up at the sky then falling backwards. It looked cool but felt bad. My friend said when i was walking down the car i hear a big THUMP. And i look over and i see your on the ground like choking! Well his Dad asked if i was alright. I coulden’t talk for some reason. It was hard too, but i said it hurts REALLY quiet. We wen’t in the car gasping for air. I got it all together, but it was hilarious.

NOTE: Sorry for my bad typing. I had to get to bed, so i had to type this quick.