Outlaws v.s. Sheriffs

(Kei) #1

Attention everybody! We can’t figure out a way to fight so we need your help. We need ideas like Video battles and such. Maybe some sort of game. Anything. That is all.

(Mitch) #2

Do a bust a move style game… Pick a mount both teams start with, and both teams have a week… Each team mate makes up another step… And after the week put both tricks up, and let YYE decide which is better…

Any one with me on starting the Vigilante team? We fight for the side of good… but take the law into our own hands, so both the Outlaws and Sheriffs need to look out…

(Kei) #3

Ok sounds good. You should make a post recruiting Vigilante members.


I have a question.

  1. Will the videos have to be like official or can they just be a video of me yoyoing without music or editing? Also, I might not be able to post a video

(Mitch) #5

As long as you get your step in… You can have which ever player you want do the whole trick and post it… Be it your best player, or just the one with the best camera

(LookAYoYo) #6

i have a different idea. to attack, someone post a picture of a gun (yoyo) and if they attack you, you have to post a picture of a shield (string). the trick contest thing would be to hard.

(Kei) #7

Yay! Change your name to Outlaw Manny or something


If manny_bee changed sides should I change too? I could change sides to the Vigalantes?


(Kei) #10

True. Then lets make up team names of whatever we want. Manny Pm me on what you think. We should move make a post in the contest thread.

(M²) #11

Dang, i wish we had a hole 'nother forum for this