Outlaws needed

(M²) #1

Yeah thats right, this is too big for one thread, we need more outlaws for this thread http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14508.0.html Were out gunned 5 to 1. Quick join the outlaws, it pays more!

(Kei) #2

Hey I with you M2.

(M²) #3

that doesn’t make sense, and GET OFF OUR THREAD!



msquared tried to kill ol’ red!

(Kei) #5

BANG! Get out of here ya yeller belly. Make your own post!


Well you killed me while I was a deputy, so I came back as a zombie outlaw. I guess I am with you too.

(M²) #7


(M²) #8

correction, i DID kill ol red.


no i used magical pixie dust to revive him

(Kei) #10

Well I will kill you both now. 30 secs

(Shisaki) #11


(yoyo jake) #12

im withya all the way



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