Our car...



This happened recently, and we were so angry. Someone, was probably drunk driving around 4 in the morning and smashed into my parents car. They pushed it to the other side of the street and totaled the back. The police came to our door at 6 in the mrning and told us our car was in an accident. We were in utter shock. It is unfixable, and we don’t know who did it.


Wow! :o


Dude this happened to my grandma! I was eating my midnight snack (lucky charms, apparently not so lucky) and we heard errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt smash!!! A mustang GT nailed our car! The girl wasn’t drunk she just didn’t see the car. She came in and told us the story and she was like about to have a sezure frm the shock, and I was just standing there eating my lucky charms. Lol well i got pics of the cars to ill post em later.

PS: Mustang GT is not Mustang Green Triangle lol

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Wow… that’s pretty bad… I hope everything works out for you and your family.


Man that is horrible! I hope insurance covers it… well I don’t know how insurance really works so I guess it means I hope you can get a new car. Wait insurance gets you a new car doesn’t it? I don’t know… One time my friend down the street got his Corvette stolen at midnight and the police found it on fire in Clemson SC 45 minutes away but insurance got them a new one


Man, that’s really bad! Especually since you don’t know who did it.

I feel sorry. Good luck with everything related to the car!


man that bites.
good luck with everything. i hope yall figure it all out.


Thanks everyone.

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aw that seriously sucks sorry :-\ it looks like somebody threw a grenade in your trunk, then chucked a pipe bomb at the back and exploded, then took a sledge hammer and went to town yikes!


my moms van is so old and rusty the insurance co might give her like $200 AT MOST for it (she needs a new one)