other skill toys.


hey i was wondering if there is any one who has a nother skill toy they like to play with. if so tell us and why you like it and what its all about. my other skill toys include juggling, contact juggling, foot bag or hackey sacking and thats it for now. im going to try something called astro jax some time. i might eavan get into top spinning. later.

keep it spinning


pick up Axtrojax. they are fun. ;D ;D ;D I have made up some tricks that are like 5A tricks.


top spinning and cup stacking, both are very fun, i am 2.5 seconds away from the speed stacks world record also :slight_smile:


Spin Tops and Diabolos!




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-Astrojax: good light effects
-Spin tops: good tricks
-Juggling: needs skill
-Diabolo: more good tricks (I was out of reasons :)) (like yo-yoing but a bit more dangerous)
-Fingerboard: hard to learn but fun (just like skateboarding just witha mini-board and your fingers as legs)