Other hobbies


I was wondering what hobbies most people that yoyo have other yoyoing. I personally like to Indo board, play airsoft, and play video games some times.

(Thomas) #2

Yep me video games but this should be in unrelated.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3

guitar, baseball, football, basketball.

(DOGS) #4

off topic…

Snowboarding, skateboarding, yoyoing, puzzling (rubiks cubes and other twisty puzzles specifically), building functional model rollercoasters, biking, sailing (trimaran, specifically. No monohulls!), and I’m getting into Autocross


Video games, and eating in front of the T.V. Like Thomas said, this belongs in the unrelated discussion section. I don’t mean to be like a moderator, sorry.

(yo-bear(one and the same)) #6

yoyoing,guitar,drums,competitional guitar hero(drums and guitar),and airsoft.


Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Bass Guitar


Skateboarding, Breakdancing, Free running, cheerleading. Yup.


um i like a bunch of things but to name a few.

fly fishing ftw.biking.skating.video games.foot bags.modding yoyos for funny.bongos.drums.i race dirt bikes(best in the state buyah).airsoft.paintball.magic tricks.and i love to beat box and spin(djing)


mountain biking, freestyle skiing, playing guitar, sledding, and playing video games


video games
was into level development for hl2 but am considering moving into creating white hat viruses :smiley:
SCUBA diving

(M²) #12

mtg, ocarina (once i get one), guitar, ummmmmmmmmmm, … s’about it… unless you count sports… i guess i ride around on my ripstick every so often… i can’t even do an ollie though…


Airsofting, sports, playing western chess and shogi, games on the computer, diaboloing, reading mainly manga, adventure stores, i.e. the Brian/Hatchet Saga, and political books, watching anime, also getting into weaponry and magic.



  • Been playing guitar for over eight years.
  • Magic. Close-up sleight of hand stuff, not really “big illusions”.
  • Video games and XBL.
  • Lately been doing some reading. Loving Chuck Palahnuik stuff.
  • Been watching more movies than usual. Especially older movies.

I want to get into a bit of programming. Working full-time makes things in that nature hard to find time for.


rubik’s cubing, some ocarina, japanese, video games, my gf…and i’ve been thinking about unicycling.


Family, Astronomy, Science, Juggling, RC building and running, Bass Guitar, and now Throwing. :slight_smile:


Swearing in church, starting fights with small children, shouting on the bus, and japanese cookery.



Motorcycling, longboarding, skiing, skating, Gaming, video gaming, running gaming servers, pets…reading, web surfing, researching…

oh and I have a daughter, so parenting…lol


I unicycle :slight_smile:


I spin pens, Longboard, Snowboard, Play the Ocarina, Game, Animate, Draw, and throw.