one slip up


first of all this site was awesome when i got here on to it and everyone was really nice and gave advice, but i screwed up and then everybody got really mad and started to hate me, well im not really sure if i want to be on this site any more, has this happened to anyone?

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Oh dude, just because we got mad at you in chat doesn’t mean we hate you. Please stay on the Forums, don’t leave. You are a great addition to this site, and it would be sad if you pulled a “Spencer L” on us. Please stay on, no one is mad at you, you just got a little annoying in chat, and alot of people got mad. Just don’t do it again, and it won’t happen again. No one hates you, just go about your normal life on the forums, and be happy! :slight_smile:


Yeah, nobody hates you. Please don’t leave because of one little incident in the chat.


what did spencer L do??


He was originally Spencer, got mad at the Forum and said he’d never come back, then he made a Spencer L. account and made numerous accounts saying he was leaving forever but kept making accounts.

I don’t hate you, I don’t even know what happened… You do awesome recesses though :smiley:

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If you wan’t to know the full story, here it is. This is a very LONG story… but after this post, let’s get back on topic. Quote from Samad:


wow, long story


I hate several people on this forum. Several people hate me. Don’t take everything too serious, we should be less defensive here. After all, its just an online forum.

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Don’t feel bad about one slip-up. It’s just one. That really shouldn’t matter. One day you’ll look back at it and laugh it off.

I’ve had my share of slip-ups; and when I thought about them, I felt the same way you do. But there’s always friendly people on the forum that’ll keep you on. And now, I laugh at myself whenever I think about those slip-ups.


yeah sorry i feel like an idiot!

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Don’t feel like that…


we all need to feel like an idiot sometimes, its humbling… and if we dont then we’ll become cocky and think that one person is better than another