One Q.


Well I made a post about a typo and then RsMod posted a pic of it I was wondering how you do that?


Above the box for typing the post you can see some smileys. Above that is a row of buttons. The second from the left says insert image. Click that and then post the url or the image in there.


I think he is asking how does the take the picture…?


Oh. If this is the case, look at your keyboard probably above the home and insert and page up buttons. There should be a “print scr” or something similar that suggests the words “print screen.” Simply press this and whatever is on your screen is copied. You can then post this into either Paint or some other photo editing program and trim it down to how you want it.



That’s awesome.


But how would you save it? :-\


If you put it into Paint or a similar program, you can go to the bar at the top, click file, and click save or save as.


When i put it in paint its not good quality?


Try Powerpoint, then Paint. Sometimes this helps the quality.


Thanks sooooo much! :stuck_out_tongue: … Now how do you put it in the fourm?


Go down to the “Images” section.


Thanks! :smiley: