Old School Throws: Tungsten-Ringed Mini Coming Soon!


Have you tried the Revpunx Incarnate? I currently rank that along with the MFD Forte as the best pocket full sizes that I’ve tried so far.

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I haven’t. Maybe we have different definitions of pocket yoyo. To me, slimlines are pocketable throws. To be fair, pretty much all yoyos fit in a pocket, but some more comfortably than others!



Well let’s see…

Deep State is 28mm width, 55m diam
MFD Forte is 36.3mm width, 56mm diam
Revpunx incarnate is 40mm width, 55mm diam

The Resto is 31mm width, 56mm diam

cc @Jhonaker who asked about this in a diff topic



Fair enough, thought we’d throw some rings on to get (what we feel) is a great playing yoyo!

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(Patrick Dressel) #65

The resto is the real deal. The bassalope is my pocket queen but man was I tempted when I tried it. You can’t go wrong .



OK you’re gonna kill me for this … but… I personally feel the Resto is too slim, to the point that it is a borderline novelty throw.

If you are an insanely awesome yo-yoer already you will be fine with the Resto… it’s just another test of your already considerable skills to hit tricks with a yo-yo so narrow… and that’s fine. It has crazy spin times with the bimetal rims, and it’s plenty stable thanks to those sweet steel rims, but man is this thing narrow. It’s a serious skill test every time you use it, which isn’t exactly my idea of a good time for an EDC.

I’d personally prefer a Resto V2 here pushing it up a bit from 31mm to say, 34mm. The Forte is 36mm and I like it a lot, not saying it needs to be quite that wide, but it could use a solid 10% width bump in my book.

I’m gonna try mine responsive and see how that feels.


(Jim Honaker) #67

I really like the size of the Deep State. Reading the stats and seeing the pics you posted, it seems like the perfect size for in the pocket. I like the carry the Quint around often times. And the resto seems a little narrower.

That sucks it doesn’t work out for you. If you don’t like it responsive maybe we can work out a deal. I would love to try it out, but money is a little tighter. Had to get a new generator for the storms we got up here.

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I tried this today and it is sadly not possible… the axle hole is too tall on both sides, such that you can’t screw the yoyo shut with a half-spec (slim) C bearing in.

I could dremel some material away but not sure I want to do that quite yet.

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The bearing post?



yes, that’s probably a more accurate name… the doo-hickey whackerdoo thingamabob :wink:

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How are we feeling about a tungsten rimmed mini :face_with_monocle:


(Patrick Dressel) #72

Sounds sick!




6061 Body + Copper Tungsten alloy rims

Specs: Diameter: 41.0 mm
Width: 31.0 mm
Gap: 4.26 mm
Weight: 56.1 g

Limited to 12 preorders!


(Patrick Dressel) #74

This looks cool. Are you gonna have one at nats or world’s? I’d love to try it

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Not positive that I’ll be at Nats, but I’ll definitely have one at the Boutique Yoyo Collective table at Worlds.


(Patrick Dressel) #76

Awesome! Can’t wait to try it


(Victorian YoYos) #77

Now all we need are depleted uranium rings @codinghorror



If you ever wanted one of these, pick up a Medallion :cowboy_hat_face:

Still need a few preorders!



$300 for an undersized… ouch… but, I’m in for tungsten!



Last day for preorder :sweat_smile: