Oh yeah Tamiya!



Yep. Tamiya is HUGE over here with RC enthusiasts.

I run with their “formula/F1” style pan cars myself, namely the F103 and F104. Top notch stuff there. I understand that a new version (the F2000, right?) is coming out soon, although I don’t yet have the details.

But, yeah, Tamiya is a fairly big name here.

Kyosho is pretty big here, too. Especially the new “Mini Z” series stuff. We can’t get enough of these things. Advertised as “RC Minimized” kits, there’s nothing you can’t do with them, and they scream down indoor tracks.

Of course, drift racing is the thing these little fellas do the best…


Check this out…


o.O mine is in my store room.

(JayVee) #4

I used to play with them back when I was 5-6 years old. Great fun those little things.