I was thinking about doing 4A but I don’t know where to start ???
Can u use any yoyo or do u have to get an offstring yo???
If u do have to get an offstring yo what is a good one to get???

??? help me i dont know where to start ???

(PutridNebula) #2

Probably not the best place to post this, try the General Forum or The Child forum from the Yo-Yo Reviews. Not as many people look here, and to be technical this forum is supposed to be about anything NOT related to yoyoing.

However, I am a nice guy and I will answer your question. You can use any yoyo for 4A, however, I would highly suggest picking up an Aquarius or a Big Yo, I have heard great things about both of these, also the pocket change with the YYF Offstring rims on it is apparently really good too. The difference behind the 4A throws is they have a tough rubber rim to cushion the blow if you miss catching it, imagine doing that with an expensive metal or a legacy or something like that, the yoyo will hit the ground and do some serious damage. I hope I helped and good luck in 4A :smiley: