Ode to my YoYo


Okay, so I’m working on a project at my school, and I need to do an Ode to something.

I was thinking of a yoyo, but it’s pretty hard doing the first stanza.

I need you guys’ help.

I need at least the first stanza.


(stephen_cameron) #2

An Ode to my yoyo:
I always have my yoyo
wherever I gogo
Throw’n down a trick
Up with a wrist Flick

Smooth and light
in a pocket out of sight
Take it out and amaze
an Ode to my yoyo craze!

I go to some contests to face the best
Teaching the judges to forget the rest
Agile and fast, the yoyo spins
Only the dedicated one wins.

In the end, we all had fun
Thats what matters in the end run.
Fun is yoyo’s code
my yoyo, and ode.
thank you thank you
I did this instead of my actual English hw…Sighhh


That was… epic. :’(

But guys if you have some to show me, you can post it here.

(JayVee) #4

Because I’m sleepy and can’t think very well, I’ll just give you a few tricks to writing good poetry.

  1. Focus on your subject. Unless your piece is meant to confuse the reader, keep it about one thing only.
  2. Think of your reader. Who will be reading it? I bet you’d write differently to a teacher than to a close friend.
  3. Read other people’s poetry. Look around for some famous ones and try to pick out what makes them famous.
  4. Be original. Sure, you’ve got your inspiration. But it wouldn’t be great if your piece looks a lot like someone else’s, right?

Again, I’m sleepy, and I’m not quite sure if this is the kind of help you need. I’ll try to come up with one tomorrow and post it here.

(M²) #5

I wrote 2 if you care to take a look
good luck!

(JayVee) #6

Here’s a quick little ditty. Not really great, but I hope it gives a bit of inspiration to the aspiring Ode writer.

[i]In summer’s domain,
In the beach or in the rain,
What’s in my hand?
Not a ball of solid sand.

This can rock your world,
Something shouldn’t be hurled,
Else a loud crash will be met,
With complaints the sound of a jet.

People, they stare in awe,
With a wide open jaw,
And marvel at the trick,
Entertainment, this is their pick.

Showing off is fun and all,
But that is not the yo-yoer’s call.
Having fun is the prime,
And keep throwing all the time.[/i]

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