Not ganna mention names but....


Well, Not ganna mention names but… A certain site on the internet happens to have a virus that almost infected my computer. Thank god that avg Blocked it. If you want to know the site i’m talking about PM me.

Because i have been with my friends all day and came home to find like 20 msgs in my inbox iv’e decided to just let everyone look at this link.

Underneath safe browsing it says ‘diagnostic’ it lists the sites name.

(SR) #2

Yeah it was weird, I logged on and Google Chrome went crazy.


ya Firefox did the exact same thing.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #4

Safari keeps telling me to redirect from the site.

(jared) #5

i was just going to make a thread about this. So weird…

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #6

Firefox warns you when you go to a site that has been reported as dangerous. Does Chrome do that.

Anyway, that is why i am using this forum. Firefox says that it is not safe to visit that site.
So, that site has had several problems about people hacking into it or something, hasn’t it? I read one post there where when you went to the new releases page, it redirected you to a prescription drug site.




(Jesse) #9

I checked twitter. A fix is being worked on. All the malicious files have been deleted, the site just isn’t working completely properly right now.

“the malicious files have been deleted, but the bots (google) have already reported. Working on root cause”


A Person? You here? WOW! O never thought you’d show up here. That’s just too cool.

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #11

what? do i know you?


The diagnostic said Yoyonation. I heard it got hacked. what happened?