John Narum didn’t place top three 4A!!! :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Evan saaad… :’(


Ha really? Wow. Are the results all up yet?


he was a bit off his game


I was watching live.

4A we messed up 4 times, not a good thing. 1a he messed up a lot also.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #5

Who got first in 4a?


Naoto Okada

Naoto Okada

(Jesse) #8

Yeah worlds did NOT turn out the way I thought it would at all!

(Mitch) #9

I know… ever sense I found out Augie didn’t even make it to the 1A finals I’ve been crying myself to sleep…

(Jesse) #10

Worlds Results:

1a was messed up.
2a was, well, the Japanese won it again. I guess kinda normal. Grant did pretty well.
3a was pretty normal.
4a was messed up. John Narum? Not in the top 3? Seriously wrong.
5a was weird. Mostly normal but I thought Tyler would beat Miggy.

Yup, that was worlds this year!


I quote this as an example of you:
I hate how everyone blames the judging system when the results aren’t what they expected.


Results happen guys…

Its just that a lot of newer players are coming and winning worlds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nearly all of these players weren’t new.


Agred Samad.

I don’t think John SHOULD have been in the top three. Be messed up several times. I am sad he didn’t, but I never said he deserved to be in the top 3. How was 1A messed up? I though it was fine.

(JonasK) #15

Worlds was awesome this year. Shinya Kido has been competing a lot. He placed 5th last year and has been improving a lot. He messed up a bit at Japan nats and placed 5th there too. But he has always been a top contender and people knew it. There were so many people saying that there would be a close fight between Ando, Augie and Yuuki, well, you see how that went. Saying that things were messed up, is purely wrong. Jensen messed up, Yuuki messed up, Augie messed up and John Narum messed up too… The contest itself was not messed up at all. Shinya Kido was best and he won.

Now that is by judging standards. When it comse to what freestyle I liked the best, I have to say Mark Montgomery. I simply love his tricks. It’s just awesome to watch him freestyle. Even though he messed up quite a bit too.

John Narum has some awesome 4a. It’s sad that he messed up.


I’m glad to see there are new faces coming up on top. For those of you who think that veterans deserve to win more than those others, these newcomers have practiced and practiced and then they’re happy that they got whatever in the world.

How would you feel if you won worlds and someone said to you: Mickey should’ve won?


I agree. A lot of routines had high potential, and because of that a lot of mistakes were made. The people who didn’t make those big mistakes were the ones who placed high, and they DESERVE IT. Being able to perform when it matters is part of being good. I’m not one to say who’s better than who, but at this particular competition the people who placed higher performed incredibly, and earned their placings.

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Okay, new wasn’t what I meant, I meant unexpected to win, so they’re new to being mentioned in the community.

We all were talking about mickey, Jensen, and lots of other people. But the winner I actually didn’t really hear about in all the predictions.