Noob Tubing.


Who likes it? Who hates it?
Argument, but no flaming!


I do it. I don’t think its cheap because everyone can do it. They just choose not too.


It is fun to have noob tube battles with your freinds, but when you are on a knifing kill streak, some idiot just noob tubes you.


It don’t bother me. Rarely do I do it, but still. It’s not broken by any means. People complain because they don’t know how to counter it.

Fight fire with fire!

(JonasK) #5

Stop trying to play hardcore with the noob tube.

(LookAYoYo) #6

well it is just that. a n00b t00b. i am ok with it as long as no one over uses it. like when people try to get a kill with it within knifing distance. and it can be countered, but i don’t think anyone uses blast shield much.

which reminds me (thread jack) it is really funny when on favella, you have a friend who uses riot shield and you both use blast shield. you snipe. u know the little allyway where it can only fit 1 person width? sniper in the back and riot control in the front. it is funny but not effective.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Noob Toob Class FTW.

M16 with Noob tube


What game and what is Nood tubeing? I’m guessing some one with a shield first followed by a gunner? Is this anywhere close?

EDIT: Okay I googled it, so it is a Grenade Launcher. Okay. ;D


The games MW2.


Even with the blast shield the grenade launcher is something I would consider cheap since it’s relatively accurate, has just as much splash damage as a frag grenade with the added bonus of instant detonation with precision.

The only way someone with a grenade launcher wouldn’t kill you was if he wasn’t aiming for you, you were barely outside the blast radius, and if you had a blast shield.

(LookAYoYo) #11

yes i do noobtube, but i try not to use it too much. running class ftw.

oh and don’t forget danger close


Best class ever.
Riot sheild
Desert eagle red dot sight tactical knife
2 flash grenades
tactical insertion
for me…

(JM) #13

I think it’s pretty cheap, when it’s spammed. It’s one thing to have an M203 and Scavenger on, it’s a completely different thing to have One-Man Army on, camp atop a roof or in a room, and noob tube that way.

It’s all within the game mechanics so you can’t get upset really, but I still think OMA + NT = CHEAP!


i usually waste my nube toobs by shooting them up in the air :P. if anyone has psn add me zolon1223


I’m kinda jacking my own thread, but can you get custom classes from a one man army?


Some days I use my noob tube all day and I don’t care if people are upset (mostly when I’m getting pwned). Some games I get killed over and over by the same person with a noob tube. It doesn’t bother me a bit, it just makes it more fun for me to try and hunt them them down and pay them back. I don’t understand people getting upset over video games unless money is at stake.

Really I go in phases and it depends on which weapon unlocks I’m working on. Some days all I want to do is run around and stab, sometimes snipe, sometimes nades, etc. If people don’t like the way the game was created and it really bothers them so much, then they can play a different game. You can’t please everyone, and people will complain no matter how they try to balance the game.

(PHAZZE) #17

I dont really have a problem with it every once in a while ill pop my old standby famas noob toob (cant remember other stuff 'cept for commando havnt played in a while) when i do play my best class is
P90 red dot
M9 Tactical
=utter annhiliation of sergents
only thing about the noob toob is that i think it should be the third attachment you unlock instead of first but then it wouldnt be a noob toob so… has anyone tried these things yet i want to buy some. sorry post jacking :stuck_out_tongue:



and back on topic…i thought this was about the shotty before i read a few more posts XD


I think that the noob tube blast radius should be smaller.

(LookAYoYo) #20

i just had an idea. we should start a yoyo clan! (Xbox 360 user)

that would be funny. it would be funnier if there was a yoyo like weapon.

if you think the idea is good, you can PM me for gamertag. i already have jacked enough of this thread.