new yoyos on the market poll


Wow i have been posting alot lately!!! I finally feel like i know what im talking about (not!)


I dont think you should only put the Hulk Smash, I think you should just put Peak.


yeah, maybe, but whats not to get excited about the hulk smashes’ awesome finish (to me its a yoyo all on its own imo)


wow i just used imo thats a first i should get a ceremony for it


I know, but there are I think about 200 more peaks coming out of different versions. So if you dont just say Peak, at least list all of the versions


peak sounds like pancakes, awww man you got me hungry, see if you said hulk smash then i would have been able to go on a little longer w/o eating. Jk


wow i just said jk… i’m getting really good at this abbreviating stuff

(Mark) #8

I think any CLWY yoyo works.


yeah, CLYW never dissapoints


Eh…Please refrain from the double posting.

I’m not excited about any one in particular, but only because I’m not going to get my hands on any of them. :-\

(Mark) #11

Thank you Kim-Lan!


Yeah, I also hear CLYW is good. Havent heard of this CLWY though.

(Mark) #13

Hey hey hey!!! I am having a problem spelling that today.