new skill toy


i want to try to get into some thing other than yoyoing(i will still yoyo) i am thinking spintops or astojacks or something any seggestions

(stephen_cameron) #2

Diabolos - they look AWESOME fun, and not as expensive as yo-yo’n

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Diabolo is good. Astrojax are nice cause you really only need to buy one set and you’re good.



Juggle chainsaws.
Flaming ones.

(Kei) #5

Well, there is the Diabolo:

Diabolo sites:  -  This is a amazing tutorial site  -  Here you can buy Diabolos

There is Contact Juggling, which looks really cool:

I am not sure where to get them. Sorry  :frowning:

There is Juggling. You can juggle with many thing, like rings, balls, torches, bowling pins, CHAINSAWS, FLAMING CHANISAWS (like Mikers said) anything really.

You can buy many of your juggling needs at:  Duh :stuck_out_tongue: Jk!

And AstroJax

You can buy them and watch vids at:

Well hope that Helps!!!



if your going to contact juggle i would recomend getting a laccross ball to practis with there about the same size and weight of an acrylic ball but dont break when you drop it and there is a LOT of dropping when you first start lol.


If I were you ^^^^^^^^


poi!!! its awesome and its free.

all you need to do is take a knee high sock and put tennis balls in it



contact juggling


spin tops




contact juggling


spin tops



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