New school yoyo club started

(LookAYoYo) #1

so last year i tried to start a yoyo club but despite my efforts, everyone thought that it was either stupid or too hard to learn.

also last year, i heard that 6th graders had a boom in yoyos. now that all the 6th graders are in 7th grade (when my school starts), i have a few people who have interest. i preformed and it went well. i got comments on how cool it was, and after school 7 7th grades swarmed me trying to learn a trick. tomorrow is the first day of the club and i am probably going to start by demonstraighting 1a, 4a and 5a (all i can do) and tell them about yye. some have some dragon flies and moiskitoes and hopefully they will bring those so i can demonstraight a little 2a.

so any tips. i kinda need a responsive yoyo (i gave my last one to my friend) so i can yoyo without binding. and i know they are going to ask me to show them leg wrap trap. a lot.

tips, recommendations, anything?