New production run was stolen

Throwing Sideways’ new production run was stolen off our front porch today. Here pictures of what they look like. Please alert myself or any of our team members if you see anything online.


Wow I’m so sorry to hear. These look beautiful


I’ll bet they did.


Hopefully it gets resolved. Definitely interested in trying one of these


Ouch. News feed just literally had a warning on porch pirates being very active lately. I think you can set up an Ebay watch for items?


@AndreBoulay might have some helpful insight on this issue. The same thing happened to a run of General Yo yoyos that were delivered to YYE quite a few years ago.


Omg that’s so messed up! I know the feeling, well somewhat. I had a yoyo stolen from in front of my door a few weeks ago and it was 1 of 11 made, but you had a whole new run stolen so that’s definitely worse. So sorry to hear this. I hope you are able to find them.


Is there any chance it was dropped at the wrong address?


Was the shipment insured? You might want to try that option as soon as possible.


The “evidence” M10s as I recall.
Good luck buddy!


Literally heartbreaking… :broken_heart:


Sorry to hear this man, this is horrible. Hopefully whoever swiped it doesn’t even know what the hell they even are and just returns it. If I was some dude stealing stuff and didn’t know what yoyos were, and I took this expecting an expensive MacBook or something, I’d be kinda bummed LMAO.

If I were you, I’d go around your neighborhood and see if anyone has any Nest cameras or anything that could’ve captured the thief on video. It could also be likely that it’s one of your neighbors who took it, and when they realize that what they stole means nothing to them but everything to you (and that they can’t even do anything with it) they might just return it. Worth a shot!


Damn wtf is wrong with people. How sad is it that this type of behavior is common now


Sorry for your loss. Sad to hear that such things happening. Well, looks like it is time to switch to only “signed for” and “full insurance” options for these parcels.


That’s so messed up. People suck. Sorry to hear this news guys.


Man, sorry to hear that. Are you sure it was stolen? Sometimes packages will get marked as delivered while they’re still on the truck. Make sure you talk to the delivery service to ensure they were in fact delivered in the first place.

If they were stolen you should definitely get the police involved. A full run of yoyos is worth quite a bit, and easily a felony theft.

Keep an eye on Ebay, craigslist, local FB marketplace and contact any local (or not so local) pawn shops. When we had a full run stolen it turned up at a pawn shop about an hour away.


Definitely would talk to shipping company. The package we had stolen was via USPS and it was stolen inside our building so it was slightly different than a porch.

Did shipping company have any visual confirmation of package being delivered for you?

We did end up finding ours being sold on craigslist as someone mentioned and police had to get involved to recover the stolen goods - it was a wild ride… I know its tough to go through though. Feel free to let me know if I can offer any other insight or ideas. If you know 100% it was stolen should definitely file a police report and see if any of your neighbors have any cameras that record motion and would have your porch in their view at all.


Dang. this freaking sucks. I’d be heartbroken.

Hope this gets resolved. No yoyo company deserves this.


Any news?

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Yeah! Sort of! So we started the gofundme and the goal got fulfilled in 24 hours AND some. So we reordered the new production run through a different machine shop. They finished the body last week and are sending it to the ano shop. Still aiming for a late October, early November release! Also, we created tiers for the donations so people who donated x amount would get certain things! One of those tiers was getting a free Sistine (a yo-yo we never thought we’d make again but decided to again for this!)