New Name

(M²) #1

Just wanted to give you a heads up. I’m changing my name from Pyryo to M squared, since my intials are mm. Anyways I don’t think many are going to care. ;D


lol, creative :smiley:



Ha nice. Good to know. :slight_smile:

You were Pyryo right?

(M²) #4


(M²) #5

How’s you get the 2 like that. I must know!


Like this: ²

Hold down alt. Type 2 5 3. Let go of alt. Tada!

Oh and please don’t double post.

EDIT: Use the number pad for the numbers. Also, there are many other symbols and such you can use.
How to use the codes
Code list

(M²) #7

That didn’t work. I held down alt typed 253 and then I let go. Nothing happend.


I’m guessing you figured it out by the new, new name :stuck_out_tongue:

(M²) #9

Hehe I did it!


I’d recognize your avatar anyday, so I barely noticed haha.

(M²) #11

Speakinf of wich i liked your old one better. Simply because i don’t like the movie avatars. It’s anoying reading with those flashing in the corner. But thats just my opinion.


I don’t get the M²


His initials are MM.


Which is…