New Forum Game!


I just made this up in the car so I hope you like it!

Ask “Would you rather have…”. (a or b, 1 or 2, this or that) Example:

Would you rather have a string that always had perfect tension and lasted forever or every yoyo on this site?

Then answer it and post another.


Games = Unrelated Discussion section
Cool game tho


every yoyo on this site duhhhhhhhhhhhh

would you rather have a c22 or a FHMG


Id rather have a YYF Catch 22.

Would you rather be Sponsored by Yoyofactory or Yoyojam/



Would you have a Phenom or a Superstar?


Id rather have a YYJ Phenom.

Would you rather have Every SPYY Yoyo, or Every CLYW Yoyo?


Every SPPY ;D
Would you rather have A Freehand Zero that Was Solid Gold or a Projam that was pure silver?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #8

Solid gold FHZ, but I would still have to mod it! XD

Would you rather eat mayonnaise all your life for the rest of your life, or constantly have string burning your fingers?


Eat mayo for the rest of my life.

Would you rather have a skyline the wont spin or a dinged up velocity with tons of vibe?


Skyline. It looks better and I can mod it. heh.

Would you have a Yoyorecreation or a Yoyofactory yoyo?


That depends on which one.I run on the yoyo not the brand

Would you jump a billion times or quit yoyoing forever?


Jump a billion times bc i would learn to yoyo and jump at same time 8)

Would you rather have a hubstacked yoyo or a non hubstacked yoyo


Hubstacked yoyo :smiley:
Would you rather get one gold bar right now or get a gold coin everyday for 2 weeks?


depends on the weight of the gold bar. ;D

Would you rather get a Turning Point Leviathan II or a Yoyorecreation Stardust?



would you rather have a 28 story first run peak, or an illy falcon?


Peak definitely,

Would you rather hang out with the Dudesons or Nitro Circus.
(If you dont know who they are here are some vids)

The Dudesons

Nitro Circus


Nitro Circus!

Would you rather get a 888x or a Gnarwhal?


gnarwhal, howd you get peak user?

would you rather have flowable silicone or gasket maker?

(Mikey) #19


Would you rather have a Y-Factor, Of a Mini-Star?



Would you rather type forever in SUBSCRIPT or .