New Forum Game!


This is a New Forum Game That I made up!
Ok, So It goes like this:

Whoever starts the Game (Me, in this Case) Asks a Question that asks if they have a Spacific yoyo, and you can only reply to that if you have that Spacific Yoyo. Here is an Example:

(Question) Who has a YYF Primo
(Awnser) I have a YYF Primo. Who has a YYF MVP
(Awnser) I have an MVP. Who has a Protostar?
(Awnser) I have a Protostar. Who has a G5?
(Awnser) I have a G5. Who has a 888?

You get the idea. It just keeps on going like that. It doesn’t have to be YYF, I was just giving Examples that happen to be all YYF’s just because I like YYF.
Here is the First Question:

Who has a YYF Protostar?


I have a Protostar, who has an FHZ?

(Kei) #3

I have a FHZ, who has a mini-star?


i have a ministar who has a yfactor

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #5

not me :’(

(Ellie) #6

I have a Y-Factor :smiley:

who has a Gnarwhal?