New Dark Magic II Grabs the string


Okay, so I’m not too new to this. I understand bearing and the anatomy of the yoyo. I just bought a Dark Magic II due to the reviews saying it was great for string tricks. Up till now I was using a DV888 (great yoyo BTW)

So here is the problem. I tried a simple man on the flying trapeze and the spin dies almost immediately. don’t even attempt a split bottom mount. It seems to sleep fine, but as soon as that string wraps around the bearing again, it kills the vibe, so to speak. I know its not the string because I used the same string on the 888 and it worked fine.

Any idea? thanks in advance


This just in. I checked the half of the yoyo that inst the axle and noticed the responses system O thingy (Not good with definitions) was slightly deformed. It was pushed out at one point and the bearing would stick with the axle.


Are you using the standard bearing or the speed bearing?


I think his response sticker is falling on and off. that would explain why as soon as he tries the trapeze, the yoyo dies. Go get a new silicone response sets and you should be good to go.

Or if you’d like to be DIY, you could get some silicone and do it yourself.,22148.0.html for the tutorial


Yes, I read his post but I still believe he has the slim bearing in it. Otherwise he would have noted the perceived response issue earlier.