NEVER Move to OKlahoma!


The weather in Oklahoma is so unpredictable! I mean 72 one day and the very next we have 5 inches or more of snow.


We have seven to eight here and 68 degrees yesterday. Silly midwest.


California’s weather is the best ;D We panick with a little bit of rain

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(LookAYoYo) #5

Today it was cold. mid 60’s



Yeah stupid Midwest weather. It was like 60 one day then the other day was about 30 with snow…I HATE scraping windows. I got my first demerit today because I woke up late and there was dew on my windows that froze so I had to scrape and it helped make me late. :’(


Ill be honest Casey… If I were going in that direction I would purposely drive upwards of about 600 miles out of the way to go around OK…


LOL that was hilarious. I don’t blame you either.

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How do you think that makes OK feel.

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Lol Cali, you’re the best, but thanks to you my stomach hurts due to laughing so hard.


That would put you in Nebraska. shudders That place is ever worse Cali!

(stephen_cameron) #12

Go through Texas, or is that worse then both?!


Texas is ok.