Nerf N-Strike


Anyone here use Nerf Guns?

I have a Maverick, NiteFinder, and Firefly(Firefly sucks for me)

I have recently modded my Maverick for the barrel to come out farther, and for it to shoot a bit faster and farther.


in order
disk launcher with gun
recon cs6
2 modded mavricks to shoot father
raider cs35
and a ton of darts


My friends and I get pretty intense with our Nerf Wars. Usually I’ll just use a modded Nite Finder (has 3 times as much range) but if I’m not feeling lazy I’ll use a Magstrike.


Mmm… I feel like making one… out of PVC, with a bike pump attached. And just a simple valve. Should be good… maybe…


I use a longshot CS-6. Gonna get a maverick sometime hopefully.


I use a nitefinder with a sight, and whistlers!


me and my friends have herf wars in my basement with the lights out and flashlights 2v2 s.w.a.t. style. we have 3 mavericks (2 of which are modded) 2 longshots, 1 re-con cs6, and one broken raider.


you broke

a raider :’(


yea, i tried modding it and it didnt end well. lol, but its cool the only reason i bought it was cause i wanted the drum mag


CPVC longshot and CPVC rear loading arrowstorm.

(Zer0) #11



Awesome. I’m gonna get a Longstrike when I can afford it and a Raider just for its Drum Magazine. lolz.
I put a small PVC pipe or whatever it’s called on top of my Maverick; it kinda helps me aim lol.