Nerf guns..??thread.

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People on this forum has nerf guns can tell which guns they have… Do they still play with them … Do they still buy them…
Nerf gun have …
Nerf Vortex Proton.
Nerf N strike Maverick REV-6.
Nerf N strike Barricade RV-10.
Nerf N strike Recon CS-6.
Nerf Dart tag came with 2 blasters green and orange 2 Velcro vests 2 glasses…
Even you can tell which nerf guns you have…


Who needs a Nerf gun; the N-Force lineup of weapons is superior 8)

I have some rip-off dart shooting gun in my attic somewhere; I’m pretty sure it’s not Nerf though. I’ve seen some pretty interesting looking Nerf guns in a store though that look like they’d be pretty fun to use.

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Ya they are pretty fun.

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used to play with nerf guns, had a snipe rifle which i fixed up to shoot better. then i moved on in life and started yoyoing.


I used to have some pretty sick nerd guns but they got nerfed.

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