Nerf Gun Making?


This is not related to yoyoing at all, but it is unrelated, so that’s why it’s here. I’m trying to make a nerf gun, and I don’t really understand this step… anyone can understand it for me?

Under the Plunger/Pressure Chamber part, I don’t understand how the metal rod is attached to the PVC plunger.


“The charging rod is attached to the plunger by means of a cotter pin.” also check out the links to other pages it gives you, it may show you something you missed

i would suggest you read through the directions a few times and understand everything completely, gather all the needed materials (and maybe extas of small/easily lost parts), than look through the plan again, and start to assemble things. trust me on this one i make furniture for a living and it helps ALOT to do things this way


sorry for the double post but like i said look at the links it gives you, here is the answer youre looking for-


OHHH… oops… but the cotter rod is the… metal piece thingy?




Erm… The link… pressure chamber??? What is it made out of and what does it do?


you need to do some research before you make this (if you do make it) and figure these things out