*Neobux and Clixsense!*


Ok, I’ve been looking around the internet for some easy ways to make money. Almost all of the ones I’ve tried have ended up being scams. A few days ago, I actually received payment from two sites that are the real deal. I have seen around the site people saying that they need some money for yoyos, and can’t get any. Well, I recommend that you try this. For NeoBux, you are payed from Paypal or AlertPay. For ClixSense, they mail you a check. Both sites are very easy, you just view an ad for about 30 seconds to get your payment. You won’t get a lot of money at first, but you soon will! With both these sites, I’m buying an eight8eight! I just had to share this with all of y’all, because it helped me a lot, and I’m only 13!


Also, I just want to say to everyone that I’m sorry my activity in this site hasn’t been high, but I plan on being more active!


I’m checkin’ this out.

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hmm, wonder if they can send checks to Norway?


As far as I know, I think the answer is yes, they can.


Also, if you guys want to help me out, put that “mitchelljp” referred you! :wink: I hope y’all find this as useful as I have.


Is this serious?
man I want to try it want dont want to get scammed


This is the real deal. They have both been opened and paying for around 2-3 years, and they have both paid me. Also, both sites have users posting daily proof of payment.

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I skimmed the user agreement a bit, as one should do.

[quote] You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in ClixSense.com

[quote] You are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any taxes for money earned from ClixSense.com

[quote] agree that ClixSense.com may transfer and disclose to third parties personally identifiable information about you
This is about all the catches I could find. I really don’t think it’s a scam, but it’s not tax-free money, so i guess you are frauding the state if you don’t pay taxes on it. And I guess the age thing can be trespassed without any major trouble. And they can send information to third party companies. This means that you might end up getting spams in your inbox.

Addment: I higly suggest taking a look in the user agreement. Because when you press that button, you are agreeing to a whole lot of things.


It says it can give your info to third party, and use it as they want…


I never saw the 3rd Party one, but I mainly use NeoBux, which will not give away your information. Taxes is only for when you make +$2000 a year, like normal.


Hmm…looks good, but I’d rather earn my money.


haha How much money can you earn in like a week if you’re on the computer for half an hour a day?

EDIT: Lol looks like i’m only gonna get 4 cents a day. Wow. I guess i’ll need to refer people. Darn.