Need website help?


Well guys since all of you offer such kind yoyo advice and helpfullness, I am willing to do what ever html help you guys need. I am an HTML programmer and would really love to help out the site in some way. I do normally get paid but I wouldn’t take any money from you guys. So if you need any help at all with anything that has to do with website development just ask me and I will be sure to help.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

That would be nice for Andre, but you only have 6 post’s. We need some proof that you can do that, and you need to help YoYoExpert in some way like Samad and DocRobot did.

I think Andre has it under control right now, but it’s actually up to Andre.



Eh, I realize I only have 6 posts (Several now :P) however, I could send my old website DB over to Andre if he needed proof that I know html. Also I am not good at all at Yo-yoing (Just finished the begginer vids. lol) So this is really the only way I can help.


Great, I recommend that you contact Andre and tell him what you just told us.


Does he check this section or do I need to PM him?


I’m pretty sure he does check this section, but I think that he is doing a pretty fine job on his own.


I agree, I think the website looks awsome! I am just saying that sometimes people can be busy and need some help.


Out of curiosity, how much do you know about CGI, Perl, Python, PHP, SMF, and/or Apache?


I know a good amount of PHP and I have worked with a few SMF forums in the past(Including Moderating, setting up, modding.). I am the kind of guy that if I don’t know something but i need it, I can learn it fast.