need ideas now!!!!!


what is the best 60 dollar yoyo? i can get one today and what are your opinions?

(JonasK) #2

The M1 just nails your price tag. 60 dollars, really good yoyo. The Dv888 is about 65-ish and is also quite good. You don’t have that much in the 60 dollar area.

Addment: I don’t know how pricy the Cream will be. Maybe a bit more than 60?


Save up a few dollars and get a dv888.


well, are dv888s better than m1s in play and smoothness?


Never played an m1, but yoyofactories are known for there great quality and dead smoothness.


oh and who is selling normal dv888s? cuz on yoyonation, all they have is hardcoats. is it worth it?

(JonasK) #7

Well the Dv888 is wider, uses a different response and comes in less colors. The weight might be a slight difference as well.

Addment: One Drop gives you the most wicked color selection ever.


M1 is awesome and you can choose response system and colours. Also you can get DV888 or Hectic.


i dont really want a hectic because it looks too narrow for my liking. and the only color m1s onedrop has right now are red blue and pewter…whatever that is

(JonasK) #10

Just note that the M1 is quite narrow too. I believe One Drop should restock their M1s soon. But ask David (Da5id) about that. He’s awesome.


yeah i dont like too narrow…so i guess the hardcoat dv888 it is! and btw. you mentioned a cream? waht is that?

(JonasK) #12

It is a delrin yoyo that is supposed to come out soon. A lot of people already have it I think.


oh ok. i really want my first reall metal though (metal zero doesnt count).


just ordered the hardcoat dv888! woohoo! ;D

(yoyobot) #15

how do you meen you can change the response

(JonasK) #16

He never said change. He said choose. One Drop offers a choice between flow groove and pad response.