Need help with photo editing.

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #1

I wanted to make myself a cool siggy like M888, so I downloaded Gimp 2.6. I imported the photo I wanted into it, and cropped it around the edges of the yoyo, but I don’t know how to delete the rest of the photo from it.
How do I take that part and put it on a background image?

(M²) #2

By deleting everything but the yoyo did you use the scissor tool? If you just want the yoyo thats what you should be useing. I reccomand finding a picture of the yoyo that is just the yoyo with the white backround as it will be easiest to scissor (the tool trys to adjust to the edges of a given object and does it best in pics like the one described). The conrol c (copy) open up the pic you want to paste it into, the control v (paste). Then you can move it around the picture and double click it to attatch it to a certain spot (i don’t have gimp 2.6, i have an older version, it may vary from the instructions I just gave a little, but that should basically be the gist of it).