Need help with low momentum bind


So today I learned how to bind my yoyo, by doing a trapeze in a front mount style, which I’m pretty sure is a common way to do it. I’m sorry if a topic like this already exists, but I don’t know how to phrase it.

My yoyo returns fine to me, but when it is getting low on speed it doesn’t come back, no matter how big I make the tail, or even if I cross it or not, it just won’t come back.

If I’m not able to bring it back to my hand when it is low on speed, how am I supposed to do long combos or be able to instant wind it with a bind?


What yoyo are you using? How long have you been using it? Crossing the string back is a pretty strong bind, so I think your response may be worn out. Also, does it come up part of ths way or not at all? Asking a question like you did is what these forums are for!


i belive hes still using his DM1. hmm, i dont think the o ring really wears out, or even the starburst. even if the starburst is worn out, the yoyo should still come back up. do a foward bind. now cross your non throw hand behind your throw hand. thats how i get my yoyo up after hand starting it, so it should work! someone could give better advice, hope i helped though!


Like supbreh said I’m using a DM1. I have my gap loosened for maximum unresponsiveness, but I guess I could tighten it. I’m also running a KK bearing if that helps at all.


tighten it so that its still unresponsive, but gives tight (enough) binds (itll take a little patience). also consider buying a new yoyo eventually!


you CAN bind a yoyo when on low speed, that’s how i bind it when i snap started it. Just do the foward bind but make it a really big loop then pulling down the string toward yourself while moving your throwhand upward so the the yoyo will follow the momentum and bind back . Do it slowly but make sure that your yoyo still have some spin left .


By low momentum bind you mean like when you want to fast start it? I get mine to bind when spinning slowly by doing a regular bind but tugging upward a bit more than usual so it kinda floats causing most of the string spin into the gap.


So I tightened the gap and it helped a little bit, but not so much and trust me I’m doing everything you say to do. I think the problems lies that it isn’t catching the string for a fast start, no matter how hard I try.

Maybe it is just my yoyo?


Combination of you and the yoyo. Practice more. You’re getting it already, you just need more time at it.

I don’t like doing a bind from the trapeze. It seems snaggy to me a fair amount of the time. Sometimes I have to throw an extra wrap on there to get it to come back. I’d rather just do the bind from the “upside down trapeze”. If the yoyo is slow, I can pull UP hard and the yoyo seems to want to come on up that string.


Yeah, I was thinking more practice too. It just feels to me like if the yoyo doesn’t have enough speed it just won’t come up. I’ve been testing it out by just dropping it from my palm (like a basketball) and it doesn’t seem to want to come back up. If I try really hard at it, the most I get is the tangling up, barely making it up the string at all.

Maybe more practice I guess, but from the videos I’ve seen people start their yoyos up with next to no speed.

I guess I’ll just move on to other tricks since I can’t seem to get it for now.


try practice snap start it and try to bind it upside down like my advice if you could understand what i’m saying . If not i could make a video for you to see it !


I don’t think anybody’s mentioned this yet but just in case you’re not doing it already, try pinching the loop as you’re feeding it into the gap. A combination of giant tail, crossed strings and pinched loop should be enough. If not, two possibilities come to mind:

  1. the response is worn out and needs replacing or,
  2. the KK bearing might be centering all the string so that none of it (or at least not enough of it) is coming into contact with the response. If you have a spare flat bearing lying around, try popping that in and see if it makes a difference.



The KK bearing could be the ENTIRE problem, KK’s require i good response system to return at low speeds.


You are using a KK bearings ? Never try that before but you could make a switch into a SPEC size C bearing , see if it helps . usually i find that binding also come with the matter of the strings , if your strings is chaging color and looks very dirty and filthy and the fibers are all over the strings then you need to replace your string immidiately . Works for me :slight_smile:


The KK should be fine. Yuki was right, pinching the loop as you do the bind makes a huge difference.


These are brand new 100% poly strings that I got the other day. The gap is all the way tightened and yes I am pinching. When I try to pinch cross and pull up, the yoyo will either not catch or it will get stuck in the cross and run out of speed and die, not even 1/4 of the way up the string


For side mounts try this.

  1. Trapeze
  2. Reverse (or man on the flying trapeze and his brother)
  3. Drop NTH.
  4. One clockwise spin and drop all fingers after on spin

That should bring it back with very little momentum


Do you have a video Jag?

(YoYoStringLab) #19

It’s been mentioned before, but giving the yoyo a lift as you are binding so it has momentum towards your throw hand helps because the bind doesn’t have to fight against gravity. Also bringing your throw hand down to the yoyo at the same time helps too.

A quick fix might be to pull that o-ring out and put it back in after flipping it over. You might get some fresh response out of that. You can use a straight pin to do it if you are careful not to rip it apart.


I do the same as MattB mentioned, give a little tug upwards right after you make the bind and then bring your throw hand down to the yo-yo works very well for me.