need Help want to start a yo-yo club in northern maine


i need help, I want to start a yo-yo club in northern Maine. And I need to know if there is any thing that you have to do first before you start a club?. what things do you do when your in a club??, ( how often do you meet, what activates do you do, and so on)??. any advice on starting a club would be of great help.


A YoYo club is much the same as any other club.

The things you will need are:

  1. A spot in which your club may be able to hang out (Somewhere private works the best as public spaces can be subject to complaints or unfavorable weather)
  2. Advertisement for your YoYo club in order to seek out any and all YoYoers in the area
  3. A date in which everyone can make it. Keep in mind that since YoYoers can live far from each other, it is always better to make the dates farther apart, rather than closer, in order to ensure regular attendance (A.K.A. Have it be one day a month instead of 3 days a week)
  4. A willingness of people joining. Make sure you have people who you know can commit to that day so that it just isn’t you alone yoyoing by yourself.
  5. Yoyoing is good and fun, but also segregate the time into organized activities such as: having group discussions, yoyo duels and free styles, yoyo showcasing, lessons etc…
  6. Refreshments and open space are always a plus too

If you follow all of this, you will have one awesome YoYo Club!
Hope I could be of help!