Need Help Picking a name for a yoyo.


okay hey guys so when i release my first yoyo i want a cool catchy name. like my second yoyo i already got a name which is the presciption. now i need help picking the first one The Abyss doesnt sound original because its the name of my company. HELP GUYS!!!

(M²) #2

The Chasm?

(Chase Baxter) #3

The Chase


The Parallel




The Walrus. you can make a pun on thebeatles song!
I am the walrus! goo goo g’joob!

or call it “Arnold” (as in Schwarzenegger)

(M²) #7

The Denzin?
The pickle24?






The Void (oops, already taken)

Pits of Hell?


The Turbo tela. lol like telatubeys.
If I make a yoyo it would be Kick-Ass, lol.


Never mind guys i already came up with a name thanks though :stuck_out_tongue:
its going to be called: Crusader


Okay, but why couldn’t you name your first yoyo after the name of your company? That’s sounds downright appropriate to me… ???


I would laugh if you nammed it Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris is so awesome he probably has copyright on his own name!