Name change!


Just so you guys know, I changed my name, kind of. Some of you will understand that I didn’t really change it, but most of you won’t. I’m still Brian.

(Mitch) #2

So is that Binary for Brian?

(SR) #3

I don’t get it. Whatever…


Sorry, I messed it up. Forgot the 4 on a few of them :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed though.

(Mark) #5

Level up in awesomeness!

(JonasK) #6

I could easily get that it’s B R I A N in binaries, it’s just really annoying to read when you have six posts on the most recent thingy.



(Mikey) #8

Did you translate Brian? Or did you learn?


I learned a few years ago. Then I got bored and random thoughts flew through my head and then BAM.