name change: Mr yo->cUrlYo

(LookAYoYo) #1

so i am sick of my name. i like it and all, but i want a change. cUrlYo (pronounced: curl-e-yo)

so yeah. oh and i am also Yo Yo Ma X

(JG) #2

thats great


near pointless to post about, but nice.


Well, sometimes people just like to see that people adknowledge what they are doing.
Name change noted.

(Q) #5

Or, ya know. It could be because this is the unrelated section, and Mr. YO posts quite a bit, so people might have began to wonder whatvere happened to Mr. Yo, and where this new guy who all of the sudden has 400 posts came from


All the same, it matters not.

(M²) #7

you get one name, you can not be mr. curly cheese fry and yoyo ma x at the same time.


Then how come I am Ben, and born2yoyo at the same time? I wonder…

(M²) #9

yes, but ben is not a username :stuck_out_tongue:

(LookAYoYo) #10

i can. i am not alone. for what feels like a year, apetrunk’s name was 110010011110111011010011011 or something. my name was yo yo ma x and then mr yo and now curlyo


Methinks it’s time for this post to go necro, The name change is established.

(Shisaki) #12

Who’s Mr. Yo?


Thanks for disproving me.


Changing a name is no biggy. Having more than one account is.



(LookAYoYo) #16

yeah. i am only saying that this is a name change for people to be aware. i was mr yo.

i never meant for there to be a debate or anything on here. i will lock it