My new yyf shutter spins to the left?? O.o


Received my yyf shutter today in the mail. When I throw a sleeper, the yoyo turns to the left. I don’t mean that it’s tilting, it’s completely leveled. I mean it’s slowly turning counter clockwise. I went back to my maverick to see if I was the issue, and it actually slept longer than my shutter -.- And it did NOT turn at all.

When I first opened it up to put a new string on it, I noticed the bearing was crooked. So I tightened the yoyo all the way to straighten out the bearing, and sure enough it straightened out. But now I’m wondering if I messed something up with the yoyo by doing this. Also sorry if this post is incoherent, it’s 3:30am and I’m really tired…please help I will grant you a wish.

tl;dr: Why teh fook is my yo-yo rotating to the left while sleeping.


1: your yoyo might be over tightened
2: you probably have to break in your bearing
3: usually turning happens when you spin is slow, you might have to throw more spin
If none of that works then contact yoyoExpert(if you bought it from them) or yyf and they will help you in some way


No. Please don’t post if you don’t know the answer. The answer is and it’s a function of all yoyos and other spinning objects. Nothing wrong carry on throwing. Notice when people do long combos they frequently end up facing a different direction than where they started. Concave bearing might help if it doesn’t have one but really shouldn’t be an issue for actual play. Also watch the long sleeper contests and stuff and watch what the yoyos do.


EXACTLY why my fav.trick is gyroscopic flop. Read “torque-induced precession" and not the word “phenomenon" because that’s what it is. And it is awesome.


I find that this happens more when my string is not in the middle of the bearing.


All I’m trying to be is a fairly good dude