My Life is Awesome.

(Q) #1

Tell us why. All posts must end in “My Life Is Awesome”. Tell us cool stories about your life and why it is so awesome. Non YoYo related please.

I’ll start:

Two nights ago, I was riding around with a girl that I hadn’t seen in a long while. We were just driving around town talking, when we got pulled over. Turned out we had ran a stop sign while deep in conversation. The cop asks her (who was driving) for her license and registration. He then turned his sights on me, he asked if I had any I.D. It was 11 at night, and I didn’t have my wallet, so of course I didn’t. Thwe girl started to cry out of fear of getting her license pulled and I had to comfort her, promising on my life that I’d make it okay. As the cop comes back she screams at me “No It’s not Quinton, I’, totally (Explicit removed)” To which the cop responds
“Quinton? Quinton Haley?”
“I see my reputation precedes me” -jokingly.
“Well, just be careful and try to get home before curfew, forget anything that just happened. Good to see you, Q”

My Life is Awesome.


At my small private school we were holding student council elections, and I didn’t put my name in for anything, president, vice pres, secretary, rep, nothing. But somehow my friends put me down on the ballet for supreme dictator. And the teacher that announced the results said I had won. lol

My Life is Awesome. :slight_smile:

(DOGS) #3

I didn’t stub my toe on the kitchen table this morning.

My life is awesome

(I swear someone moves it over an inch every day)


I spent the whole day in my PJ’s watching Spider-Man, and That 70’s show.


My science teacher hates me…

my life is awesome…

(how did the cop know you?)

(Q) #6

I have no idea.

(Mi) #7

I cut my head open on my Northstar and bled enough to parch a small village.
My life is awesome.

(DOGS) #8

Just learned what happens when you mix Milk, Food coloring, and Soap.

My life is awesome


I have had staight A’s since Fourth Grade.
My life is awesome.


my body can stay awake 36-48 hours after drinking 1 cup of coffee



Is he on this sight maybe?

(JayVee) #12

I solved my first Rubik’s cube the day I bought it and became instantly popular the next day at school.
My life is awesome.

(Q) #13

I’ve been called Q since before I can remember, it truly is a part of my identity. More so than most people’s last names. My checks actually come signed “Q Haley”


10 girls need lotion and the lotion boy is late.
my life is awesome. ;D


(LookAYoYo) #15

I saw a double rainbow and sang the double rainbow song. i wrote that on my FB. so did 60% of my friends



My dog had a severe allergic reaction to something in my backyard. She’s on three different drugs right now. One of them makes her very thirsty and hungry. This has also led to a bad case of poor bladder control for the poor pup. Two nights ago, I woke up in what I thought was a cold sweat. It wasn’t. She peed on my pillow right at the top of my head, and it all trickled down the pillow on the back of my head, shoulders, and back. That’s right, my dog peed on my head in my sleep.

My life is awesome…NOT!


this girl i like really likes me and we held hands the other day :wink:
my life is awesome

(M²) #18

The world inploaded today.

My life… YAAAAAY!


I will win the 2011 worlds with mosquito.

My life is awesome.

I wish this were true :(, but its not.


failblog website.

Making me feel better about myself every day.My life is awesome.