My friend

(Emily) #1

Hey everyone, my friend is mentally challenged. his name is daniel, he lives in grapevine, texas
he has never read a book and does NOTHING, but play mariocart.
Do u have a mentally challenged friend, or perhaps u just know someone who is mentally challenged.
please tell me about them. i need to tell daniel that reading is good for u and video games destroy ur mind, if u play is all the time.

thank u for ur help


hi, i have one in my neighbor hood,his parents brothers sisters,they play with him,give him time.
take him on walk when they get a free time.also indulge him what ever they do


my aunty is mentally challenged, and i find it kinda hard to talk to her lol. She’s 33, so i cant do anything about it :frowning:


Ok, Daniel isn’t REALLY mentally challenged.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #5

Well my mom is a Gym Teacher. Some of her students are mentlly challenged. She helps them out so they can stay healthy. Try to teach him how to read, and play some games.



Play some reading games. Dont be like " READ THIS OR DIEEE!!!" but dont move too fast, I have a kid in my class and he hated reading, now he cant stop lol.