My first vlog (NYYR)


Tell me what youthink!!! ;D The quality is bad and I kinda just winged it. Also I was “restricted” on humor because of my parents but whatever. Check it out and tell me what you think (constructive criticism.)

(SR) #2

Um… if you want people to see your work I do suggest posting a link to it. Cause… it’s not here.


srry bout that, here is the link


You don’t have to be funny the whole time…

Talk about what you are up to, yo-yoing, all of that stuff.


Yeah this was kinda like a project or a test, i just threw it out there to see how it converted. But this channel is supposed to be all NYYR. i have a yoyo channel that i share w/ a friend. so i might have over did it???


You dom’t need to make us laugh the whole time, be serious some of them time.

Samad Vlog:

Like that, he is funny, but not the entire time.

(JonasK) #7

When talking about the best blend of humor and seriousness, I’ll go big. I’ll go to PhillyD, AKA sxephil, AKA Philip DeFranco:

He’s funny, but he gets the news out in a serious way. I highly recommend that you take a look at some famous YouTubers. I also suggest checking out this: