Ok, I am going on my church youth’s fall retreat tomorrow morning and every year they have a talent show, and I have decided to yoyo for it. I am sooo nervous I’ve never performed like this before! AHHH I’m scared. But I kinda want to, you know, just to see what yoyoing for a crowd feels like. Wish me luck I won’t be back til Monday morning


Best of luck to you! Hope you have fun!


if u get in front of a crowd ull fell nervous trust me i know

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I get sticky hands when I yo-yo in front of alot of people, and I can’t even do anything, it’s terrible.


I’ve done many wushu performances infront of 100’s of people a time. I know how its like, your heart will be racing.

Just have fun. Remember not to go too fast, you’ll mess up. Also wash your hands, and wear gloves if you can. Make sure you use a new string. You don’t wanna be like Luo Yi Cheng and break your string.


Just remember to relax. Don’t pay attention to the audience. Make sure to go nice and slow so you can hit everything. Also, if you go for very long, try to do other styles that you know.


i did one once (planning to do it again this year)
but i just couldnt land an atomic bomb(now typing i cant think of the real name)
peoplel oved it though


good luck.

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He already left.


oh. oops.


Thanks for everyone’s support, but I wish it had helped a little more.

Yes, my hands got majorly sticky and sweaty, and that means I mess up maneuvering the string. So, turns out I did two whole tricks before the string got in a knot around the bearing at the end of McBride’s Rollercoaster. I was up there throwing the yoyo down, and it was coming right back up because of the knot, so I did a few around the worlds and some shoot the moons. There, I realized my PGM is not made for looping, so the string never rolled right back up for me. But, I had been practicing a lot earlier before the show, and everyone watched me practice, so they got a real view of what I can really do. Good thing they were all my friends so they were encouraging me instead of making fun of me. But, at next year’s fall retreat, I will domintate muahaha


Well at least you had a good crowd.

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Get some gloves lol… I hate that… At school my friend brought up the fact that I have “Mad yoyo skills” (That made me feel cool lol) and the teacher was like, I’ll have to hold you too that, So I had my yoyo with my like always so I pulled it out and I had trouble with every thing… Not because I was nervous but it was so humid… It went over well though…

Soo did you have a backup yoyo or anything?


Next year, keep a backup yoyo in your pocket.

Remember, this is your first time. Take it as an experience, and don’t get discouraged :wink: