my first swbf2 video


me sniping on my new game


is that the game you were trying to show me?



(M²) #4

i love bf2…


You play that song in most of your videos,its your fault i hate that song now


i play runescape lol


so do i :o
cb lvl: 101
99s: woodcutting
GP: 17 mil


thats the first ive played it. watch your fat mouth


My fat mouth?Oh… ??? Well first off you played it in your battle vid that you knew was bad so you deleted it,You played it in another vid also but i dont remember which one.


thats a diffrent song your thinking of this

and please, if you dont like it. plz dont even comment


lol can u add me? if u can username is :i gnarwhal i ::i am a range pure in it own in pvp

i haved an obby mauler :r4ng3 obby— but then i quited rs in to yoyoing and gived it to my friend and now it not that good but it owned before and i am back to runescape lol


Runescape FTW

User name: Snoyo1
Add me and say who you are so I remember.
CB lv: 100
No 99s :’(


i have a rs acc lvl 93 i think nam,e is “omg i bad” no 99s


lets see you do better,Wyat.


It’s wyatt.nice try.And dont bump month old posts.