My Dearest Moderators


(read with early American accent)

My Dearest Moderators,
You all are doing a most wonderful job keeping YYE in order. It does my lil’ heart good to see people who are willing to use their time to make this site the best that it can be. There has been a great deal of posting in the wrong forums and fighting recently. I’d just like to give my thanks for all your time. Thanks.

                 ~Brian Long

(I really hope this was posted in the right forum).


I’m sure you mean the right forum SECTION.

“NO, you blathering idiot, this was to be posted on!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I think it is.

I’m sure our moderators are all very aware of how much they are appreciated :wink: .

(M²) #3

i belive a pm would of been more practicle.


Who cares?

PMing every moderator would have been a pain. It’s much easier to make a thread.

(M²) #5

there is a bcc button to send it too multiple people you know. He could of just put this in one pm, sent it too all the moderators, and there you have it. This would also give it a higher chance of the moderators seeing it. I’m just making a suggestion.


He was making this public to get responses from other members. He did nothing wrong.

I thank you for your sentiments.

(M²) #7

i know, it perfectly ok to post it public, just think pm would of been better.