my banner


what u think

(Mi) #2

Its Gigantic. Too big. I find that annoying and most others do too.
Its also made with freebannermaker. Try using GIMP or some art edited instead.


i really dont know how to make a banner, but good job in advance :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ???


i dont mind wide siggys, its the talll tall tall ones that annoy me,

Mybannermaker for the fail…


wats yur favorite banner maker? ???


photoshop CS5


Paint.Net is great on Windows. GIMP is also pretty good and is for all platforms.


At my school I just did a project on Paint.Net. It is easiest program to use/learn. I prefer it over the others for beginning to make banners. It is a free program available for download [here].