Movie Maker Help?


I just filmed some stuff using a flip video camera, and I used the flip share program and just exported them onto my computer, I them import them into Movie Maker, when I try to play them in MM you can hear the sound but there is no image, they play fine in Windows media player, I have Windows vista,

also when I was sorting them all out it said that the colour scheme changed to Windows vista basic because something wasn’t compatible?

Help please


Different format. Instead of using a program to export them, try just copy-pasting them from the camera.


I made a F’ing stupid mistake, I thought once I had exported them, I needed to free up some space on the camera so I deleted all the footage off!

Any other ways maybe, converters or anything?


I think once it’s gone, it’s gone. Sorry, or maybe there’s a solution, but I would just give up at this point. :-\


I found out that it is saying that it is a sound file, not video, but for some reason it works in WMPlayer but not in MMaker


Try another video editor.


hey. this is just a guess but instead of adding it from flip share, do this. go into movie maker and near the top right it will say import from camera, so connect the flip to the computer and click that import from camera button, choose the file and click the ok button thing. try it. i dont know if it will work but yeah. as for getting the file maybe you can look in the flip share thing? i really dont know


@ Staten, I deleted the footage off the camera

but on Vista there is a program called Windows Live Movie Maker, it seems to work on there oh well thanks for everyones help!