MoonageMin's Trick-a-Week 2021 [Week #47 - Dr Strange]

Dude that was fantastic! And you have a great smile!


Man that was good!
Second hope down smooth too!

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Week #17 - EOS44’s Slack Drop Rejection GT

Hi friends. Hopping in for TaW with a tutorial of mine. This time it’s for a short rejection trick I discovered quite a while ago.

Some tips other players who have tried to learn this trick have informed me are that this rejection is exactly the same one you can find on this MrMatio tutorial, so you can have an actual slomo topdown breakdown of just the rejection, which seems to be what players have the most trouble with.

Hope you find this trick fun!


Nice one Eos! Thank you for sharing!


Nice vid and sweet trick!

Towards the end of last year we did just the rejection GT from mrmatio’s vid


Awesome, thank you @EOS44 for the epic trick and for being our guest star this month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dont forget to exit from the back lol


yooooooo. Too EZ for you my man.

Love it.


Thanks dude! Definitely a fun one, appreciate the share


Hey guys… Total off topic, but I believe this video should be posted in this thread first hand. hahahaha in the Brazilian yoyo community (that I finally found) the crazy funny fat man just did an ear combo!!! Hahahah NO WAY!!! Look at that:


Question…if I’m missing the catch after the rejection…if i did everything else correct my yoyo should drop with no knots. Is that right?
Having trouble catching it after the cross pop but i keep ending in the same situation so i wanted to make sure I’m in the right area.

Edit… that was my question…i at up the camera and landed this. Not sure i actually got a rejection? Is this right? I think it’s cool, but not sure how to tell if the rejection occurred.


I 'm exactly at the same spot!!! The rejection part is crazy… Hahahaha
It appears that, after the rejection, you end at a GT, once again…

But doing that with crossed arms is super hard. Hahahaha


My guess from watching is to put a little more oomph into the rejection (a problem I was having!) and kind of hesitate for a quick second after it rejects so the slack doesnt get pulled out before it has time to wrap around


Hmmmm, let me ask you something.

I noticed that you, me and akyoyodr at the cross-arm part, were with the the right arm at the top, and Eos with his left.

Just noticed that… Now trying with left arm on top, I can see the slack formation, while before I couldn’t.
Since you can do the trick with your right arm on top, what do you do to reject consistently the string?
Any tips for the slack to go nice and wide to catch after?



Nice catch! :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: I’ll try that asap


@Ne0phy73 you are right! I was crossing the wrong way. Rejection is there!

If we did what we where doing you pop out the front and your stick with some twists in the string.

Thankfully I’m on nap duty in the back yard right now so i can get a session in!


Finally!!! Hahahah I just got it too. Very nice trick.


Thanks @EOS44, this was a fun one.

I spent my 20 minutes this week learning the TaW trick for the first time in… I can’t even remember. Turned into a little bit too long of a session at about 40 minutes though because I always had a knot after hopping out the back at the end. Turns out… I just needed to wear my reading glasses; I was hopping onto the TH string from the wrong side, just before the slack drop and roll into the first triangle.

I already had the rejection down from last year’s rejection to GT—it’s exactly the same thing, which cut a whole lot of time off learning this one.


Awesome! Glad you got one in.
I couldn’t figure out the rejection last year, it’s proving very challenging again… but i still think the entire thing is a great trick. Hopefully i figure this out in the next few days. If not something cool will evolve either way.


Phew… After some time I could get on the camera. Hahahaha

I can say that trick was super fun and satisfying. I’m looking forward to learn more!!


I’m an amazed AT these rejections… other then magic drop i just don’t get it. I’ll keep at it.
@Ne0phy73 that was excellent!

This isn’t the rejection… I’ve been rejected. But i thought it looked cool, and had a bunch of new elements for me so I’m posting it here. I’ll call it DaDiegoBump since the bump i picked up from @ChrysaeThrows . Thanks for all your moves!

And @ANGVS the KamiBo, KwyjiKazie or whatever we are calling it is in the middle of it.